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  • TacLite Pro: Costructed of 6.1 oz, 56% polyester/35% cotton ripstop with Teflon finish. You get the same great pockets, and it is iPad compatible!
  • Original:  Constructed of 8 1/2 ounce 100% cotton canvas, it features triple stitching and 55 bartacks for strength, two-way YKK zipper with pyrum snaps and a solid brass d-ring.


  • Black
  • Khaki


  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • 2XL
  • 3XL

Prices are:  $79.99 for sizes M-XL

$89.99 for sizes 2XL and 3XL.

Shipping is $14.00 to the U.S.


"The Tactical Daddy allows men to be dad, in a comfortable way. As more products such as this become available, men will not feel
like they are being Mr. Mom's but rather being good ol' dad, like it should be. "

-Family Review Magazine

"This is a really comfortable vest which fits well and can be
used for more than carrying diapers. For example, I use it for grilling, carrying my utensils, spices and drinks. It also frees up both hands so I can carry a child much easier than I did while carrying a diaper bag, as well."

-iParenting Media Award

"This is an original product, unlike anything I have ever seen.  As an emergency medicine physician and dad, I love the fact that your
hands are free and you can keep your eyes on your child at all times."

iParenting Media Award

"We have been to Disney several times and have lugged around a backpack. This is ideal for vacations! It holds our camera, video camera, extra tapes, activities for the kiddoes, and wipes and snacks!
I really like this product!"

iParenting Media Award

"As a pediatrician, I love exciting products that allow parents to get involved with their children while being comfortable "in their own skin." The Tactical Daddy is a practical and fun tool for fathers to care for and be themselves with their kids, without the self consciousness of toting around a diaper bag."
-Arie Friedman, MD


Media and Articles


"The Chicago Area Daily Herald"

"The Spike O'Dell Show (WGN 720 Radio)"

"The Washington Times"

"WGN Channel 9 Chicago Morning News"

"NBC 5 Chicago News"

"NBC National News Affiliates"

"CBS National News Affiliates"

"United Press International"

"Associated Press"

"92.9 The Wave Morning Show Virginia Beach, Virginia"

"102.3 WXRC Lake County, IL"

"The Paul Harvey Show"

"Good Day Sacramento"

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Welcome to the TACTICAL DADDY® page!

You are not just buying a diaper tote. 

You are buying a solution to involve

Dad in parenting; you are buying

freedom from embarrassment; and

you are buying a unique, pediatrician

endorsed, multiple award winning

practical gift with a ton of different

uses, making it a gift to be treasured and used for a long time.

The original TACTICAL DADDY® is a 5.11 tactical vest that is used to replace the traditional diaper bag.  The vest is a perfect present for Dads who do not want to carry a diaper bag.  Childcare supplies are discretely tucked away, but are always ready to be put into action!    It features 16 specialized pockets, sized for bottles, wipes, a changing pad, diapers, keys, toys and other items needed when out and about with your child. This vest is excellent for carrying all of your essential supplies, without having to schlep an extra bag.

When not being used as a diaper bag, there are a million other uses for it, including but not limited to grilling (carrying utensils, barbeque sauce, and spices), working around the house (carrying tools), or playing paintball.  It also doubles as a real tactical vest, perfect for traveling, law enforcement, private security, military, evidence technicians, photographers, fisherman, magicians, hunters, EMTs and paramedics, making it an awesome gift idea.

Don’t embarrass Dad by making him carry a diaper bag.  Buy him the 5.11 Tactical Vest and make him into a TACTICAL DADDY® !  This product allows men to stop feeling like Mr. Mom, but rather allows them to be good ol' Dad, like it should be.  This vest is a great way to get fathers more involved, because it allows them to do so freely without reservations.”

There are tons of tools and accessories for parents on the go. However, the vast majority cater towards women, in style and design. TACTICAL DADDY® apparel appeals to fathers because they are comfortable, practical, and can be used and worn for a variety of activities beyond parenting.


When my second son was born, I was at the

point where I hated carrying a diaper bag. While

his mother was in the hospital, I took my first

born son to visit her. Instead of packing up her

diaper bag, I took the vest that I already was

selling to law enforcement, and discovered that

its pockets and compartments were perfect for

carrying diapers, wipes, and other items on the

go…with one minor exception. I no longer had to carry my wife’s feminine diaper bag/purse! Finally, I was free.

Marcus Melnick
The Melnick Conglomerate