2018 Classes 


When:  The first 12 hours will begin on Saturday, November 11, 2018, from 8am—8 pm, and is located in Buffalo Grove.  Range time will be scheduled on an individual basis.  

​Concealed Carry Course:    $199.99

Where:  Buffalo Grove, IL

Prerequisites:  Students must have a FOID Card, and be 21 years old.  To apply for a FOID card, click here.


When:  The first 2 hours will begin on Saturday, August 18, 2018, from 1 - 3 pm, and is located in Buffalo Grove.  With permission from the instructor, students can attend the full concealed carry class, as a refresher.  Rates vary.  Range time will be scheduled on an individual basis.  

​Concealed Carry Course:    $75.00 (discounted to $60)

Where:  Buffalo Grove, IL

Prerequisites:  Students must have an Illinois Concealed Carry License, and be 21 years old. 
To enroll, contact Marcus Melnick at tacticaldaddy@gmail.com, or (224) 588-2489.

Regular cost is $199.99 per student.   

*If you cannot make the regularly scheduled range time for this or a following class, listed below, there is an additional $30 charge.  You have the option of taking this class, and qualifying in a subsequent month for no additional charge.

​​​Want to host a class and promote your business?

Shoot us a message if you have a location for your class.  We travel to offices, homes, and other venues to provide the classroom portion of the training.

The shooting portion will be conducted at a Chicago-Area range.


Concealed Carry Classes:    $199.99 per student

Military Discount:                   $125.00 per student (must have a DD 214 with honorable military discharge)

Concealed Carry Renewal:    $75.00

Firearms Rental:                   Included if you do not own a firearm

Private Lessons:                   $  Available upon request

Class rescheduling fee:         $25 (with no exceptions)

​Advanced Concealed Carry Course:    $199.99

  You will need the following:

  • Semi-Automatic Firearm
  • Holster without a trigger guard retention device (no thigh holsters, holster must cover trigger, no collapsable holsters)
  • ​Belt
  • Pants with Pockets
  • Magazine Carrier
  • Total of 3 Magazines
  • One package of snap caps, specific to the caliber of your weapon.
  • 75 rounds of ammunition

All classes must be paid in full when completing registration.  Classes cannot be paid for at the beginning of the class, as registration must be completed prior to the class.  No refunds are given.

Pricing does not include:  Illinois licensing, fingerprinting, application processing, insurance, food, transportation, and additional unspecified costs.



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Future 2018 Classes 



​12/23/18, classroom courses will be from 8 am - 8 pm, with a 4 hour range time to be scheduled by appointment.

Classes typically run once a month on a weekend.